Tuesday, October 4, 2011

About URBNLUX Artist Gainey Ceramics

In 1949 John Gainey purchased the pottery company where he had been working, as it was going out of business. Throughout the years, Gainey produced ceramic containers to the retail garden centers across the country becoming the choice of professional architects, landscapers, interior and exterior designers. Despite many ceramic companies leaving California in the 1970's, Gainey Ceramics stayed and prospered. Changing processes and modifying equipment along the way, Gainey's success grew. The first line of ceramic tile, a private label client, was launched in 1991 and thus began the progression of Gainey Ceramics Tile. It is this dedication to making the best products, that has enabled the company to continue to grow in an industry that has seen the art of making pottery go by the wayside. A family-oriented business, many employees have been with the company or over 30 years. The employees making the pots and tile are true artisans, mixing, molding, baking, painting, polishing and inspecting the products by hand. Gainey Ceramics is dedicated to private label & proprietary tile production, as well as working with key customers in sourcing various artisan products from around the world. Acting as manufacturer, distributor, importer and logistics has enabled the business to continue growing as it has for almost 60 years!